Headteacher of the Year Award

Thank you for your interest in the Headteacher of the Year category of the Scottish Education Awards. This award recognises headteachers who provide inspirational leadership, who motivate and involve staff, children and young people, parents and partners across the school and its community, ensuring excellent learning experiences for all and that everyone achieves as highly as possible.

We hope you’ll be encouraged to submit a nomination so we can celebrate the successes and achievements of Scottish education.

Please give careful thought to the points below before submitting your nomination. It is important that you provide as much detail as you can to give a good account of the headteacher’s leadership and its impact . You should answer each question fully, as the scoring criteria for the awards are based on these questions. Bullet points and concise sentences are welcome.

1. What has been the positive impact of this headteacher on (a) you (b) your school and (c) its wider community? (max 500 words)

Please provide at least one example for each category at (a) (b) and (c) above.

2. What has this headteacher done to inspire learners and staff to achieve all they can? (max 500 words)

Please provide examples of what learners and staff have achieved as a result of the headteacher’s leadership.

3. What has this headteacher done to involve parents and members of the wider community in the life of the school, and what positive impact has there been as a result? (max 500 words)

Please provide at least one example of parental involvement and of wider community involvement, and of the positive impact.