Lifetime Achievement Award

Thank you for your interest in the Lifetime Achievement category of the Scottish Education Awards. This award recognises a wide range of educators, including qualified early years practitioners, teachers and headteachers approaching the end of their careers. It also recognises those within the early learning and childcare setting or school that support children, young people, staff and the life of the school or setting and wider community. They may be a classroom or learning assistant, youth worker, auxiliary, cleaner, janitor, administrator or in another role as long as they support the educational setting and community.

We hope you’ll be encouraged to submit a nomination so we can celebrate successes and achievements within Scottish education.

Please give careful thought to the bullet points below before submitting your nomination. It is important that you provide enough detail to give a good account of the person you have nominated.

You should cover each point fully, as the scoring criteria for the awards are based on these questions. Bullet points and concise sentences are acceptable.

  • Who in your educational setting, or an educational setting that you know, stands out from the rest in their work and achievements?
  • Can you tell us about how they help to make your school or setting, or an establishment that you know, a better place?
  • Can you give examples of why they are seen as special?
  • Can you describe how they are good at involving others in the life of the school or setting?
  • Can you give examples of how this person uses creative approaches in their role?

In what ways has this person made an impact on:

  • children and young people?
  • the whole educational setting community?